Axelor ERP Hosting

A one click hosting solution for Open Source ERP

Finance Dashboard

A Financial Command and Control center for the average american.

Detect Auto

Computer Vision system for auto shops

3M IoT Platform

Ingestion platform for commercialization of products. Open-sourced and widely available.

Moran - Data Layer

Moran is a simple JavaScript Datalayer to pull in data from various sources at run-time or compilation.


Nertz is a fun family game to play and now can be practiced online to improve your skills!

Communication Styles Inventory

An assessment to determine your communication style preferences. Modelled after survey designed by Duane Elmer.

Event Planning app

Event Planning app for Global Friends, International student outreach

Azure Pipelines Generator

A utility designed to provide YAML abstraction layer to Azure Pipelines

Emerald Package Manager

A Ruby package manager inspired by npm

3M Themed CMS system

Used JAMStack and Netlify CMS to create a 3M styled CMS for their Oral Care division.

Identity Gateway

Oauth2 compatibie Identity Provider, light-weight and customizable.

“Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.”

~ Edsger Dijkstra